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Cleansing zone

Welcome to the zone where we help you get rid of unnecessary stuff. In this case – to remove bad thoughts about yourself.

We have already learned how to transform negative beliefs into positive ones. But today is the day of total cleansing from all the bad thoughts.

Here are the rules:

You should not have any bad thoughts about yourself during the whole day. You should not chastise yourself, try to improve yourself, etc.

No judgment. No thinking “I should be like that and not like this”. No analysis.

If you feel the urge to think such thoughts – postpone them till tomorrow.

In the evening, evaluate your state with the help of these questions:

Did you feel more energetic today than usual, or there were no changes?

Was your mood today better than usual, or no changes?

Was your relationship with yourself better today than usual, or no changes?

If you liked the results, you could practice such a cleansing day once a week.

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