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Mindspa è un'app mobile creata per supportarti emotivamente in ogni momento della giornata

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Un'ampia gamma di risorse e strumenti per supportare la tua salute mentale

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Soluzioni innovative per salvaguardare il benessere emotivo dei tuoi dipendenti

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Un ecosistema pensato per facilitare l'incontro di pazienti e terapisti

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At Mindspa, we believe that everyone should have access to quality mental healthcare.

Our team, comprised by expert psychologists, conducted extensive research and tested numerous ways to provide affordable resources to people in need.

Thanks to the Mindspa mobile app, you can now access a vast number of resources, from anywhere and at anytime. Eliminating the barriers that still keep many individuals from accessing support.

Resources include


Over 30 comprehensive programs, covering complex real-life situations

Esercizi di coping

150+ quick and actionable advices to overcome difficult feelings and emotions

Diario di Self-Care

A handy tool to write down and analyse your thoughts, and then share w/ your therapist

Science based solutions

Mindspa utilizes various therapeutic techniques, including CBT and Gestalt therapy to help you manage complex situations.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) helps individuals rewire the way they think, feel and behave, while Gestalt therapy emphasises personal responsibility. Read more scientific studies in our Domande frequenti .

In the latest survey, 96.3% of our users said they would recommend the app to friends and family.

To help you anytime you are in need

Mindspa tackles specific conditions in a stepwise approach. From breakups to parents-child relationships, from addictive behaviours to career and professional issues. Whatever your situation is, you can count on Mindspa!

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