I want to fall in love, but I have a husband.

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I am married, but after childbirth, family relations have become strained and not as they used to be, with more frequent quarrels and scandals. On one hand, my husband and I want to preserve our marriage, and now the situation has stabilized, the quarrels have stopped. On the other hand, I want very much to relive the feeling of love. But I can’t do that with my husband. Does this mean that our relationship is over and I have to look for someone else? Bernice. 

What is happening in Bernice’s family?

The birth of a child brings great happiness and joy, but at the same time a young family faces fatigue, lack of sleep, and new difficulties in which they must learn to be not only a husband and wife, but also a mother and father.   

And, apparently, despite the difficulties, Bernice and her husband managed to cope, and the situation has leveled off. They began to behave like adults.

Now about the desire to fall in love. It’s similar to the desire to feel carefree, lightweight, and is similar to the “butterfly” feeling in your stomach. And it, this desire, is very understandable in such realities. For it is a counterbalance to maturity, to responsibility, and to the word “must“.

The desire in itself does not mean that the relationship is over. Otherwise, Bernice would not have put so much effort into working on them. 

But the fact that our heroine really wants them (the relationship) to be a little more joyful and easier is a signal that maybe there’s just not enough attention, flirting, or feeling loved and desired – all this implying love. 

In some cases, they may go back to the existing relationship. Of course, this will require an effort from both sides, but this is the reality – a relationship can go through ups and downs.