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This is the best application ever on my phone. I never thought that I would write any review, but here I sincerely thank those who created this application and those who are working on it! โค๏ธ

Lisa – Google Play


I wish I had this before I made 100000 mistakes. Great advices and techniques that allow you to work on yourself, improve your emotional intelligence and support you in the messy reality! + cool diary. Thank you!

Angel – App Store


Amazing tool if you want to help yourself live your best life. So much free content. Plus, all of the paid courses are more than affordable. Thank you for everything you do. I love your work!

Katie – Google Play

Psycho-Educational Courses

The core of the app: designed by a team of psychologists, courses cover several topics and have a stepwise, easy to follow approach. Daily lessons and exercises that combine various therapeutic techniques, including CBT and Gestalt therapy.

You don’t know which course is right for you?ย 

Self-Care Diary

A therapeutic journal is a handy reminder to take care of yourself. Track your mood, write your thoughts and make amends to yourself.

Complemented by weekly stats and analytics,ย the diary is a powerful and effective tool.

Psychosutra is a huge and growing collection of coping-skill exercises divided by feelings.

Anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, melancholy, guilt and more… your emotions have never been more manageable.

Coping Skills

Emergency Chat

The chatbot has been designed specifically to give you support in a moment of crisis and to walk you through different coping exercises.

ย Using various clinically proven techniques, you will be able to rationalise your thoughts and calm down.

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