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Are you a “difficult person”?

Everything may be more or less alright in your life. But for whatever reason, others think that you are a “difficult person”. Let’s figure out why this could be the case.

We will need about 2 minutes.

Do you know what emotional maturity is? No? Well, don’t worry! Now we will introduce this concept to you.

Here are the signs of emotional maturity:

  1. You clearly understand your feelings. You do not have vague feelings of “good”, “bad”, “unbearable”, etc. You can exactly name each emotion.
  2. You can express your emotions – clearly and make sure that other people do not get scared by them.
  3. You know how to manage your feelings and emotions. To manage means to lower their intensity, experience, and release them. You never suppress them.
  4. You can see yourself objectively and evaluate your emotional state and behavior.
  5. You understand the feelings of other people well. You know what they are going through and what they are experiencing.
  6. You know why a person acts in a certain way and what their motives are.
  7. You can find an approach to different people.
  8. You know how to support others and how to ask for help.
  9. You see people as they are. And this saves you from being disappointed.
  10. You can calmly handle the emotions of other people.
  11. You know how to consider your interests and the interests of other people.
  12. You see each situation objectively, from different angles. You neither embellish nor create excuses.
  13. You know what you want, why you want it, and how to get it.
  14. You are the master of your life.
  15. People feel good with you, and you feel good with them.

Emotional maturity is a great thing, do you agree?

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