Willpower training

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“Man is more weak than strong” – a favorite excuse of those, who can’t  resist  temptations, runs away from difficult, but  important things and promises already  for the hundredth time that  from  Monday  will become a different person.

If you are familiar with this situation, you already know that your Achilles’ heel is a willpower.

It’s an important part of our personality that is able to mobilize internal resources for the implementation of our goals.

Thanks to self-control, we are able  to ignore the immediate desires  and endure boring and hard work, knowing that in the future we will receive a worthy reward.

If you compare willpower with muscle, it’s fair to say:  from regular training it will only get stronger, but from idleness – completely weakened. That’s why we are starting the training.

1.Actually, why would I need that?

Really, why should I exert myself? We suggest from the beginning to deal with the motivation: “Why am I doing this?” The clearer the target, the more confident you will be able to move towards it.

The main thing is not to substitute your desires with others’ desires. “I want to learn how to drive because I dream of traveling in Europe”  (not to let my husband drink at a party).

Be sure to remember about your motives and future  results, when you are tempted to give up or say “well, I didn’t want to.”

2.Don’t seduce me 

The next step is to check everything  around you. We break our promises much faster if there are temptations everywhere. Help your willpower yourself: lose weight – remove a vase with candies from the table; write a complex report – turn off the social networks. By the way, it also applies to people around you: if you quit smoking, don’t go to work with your colleagues who smoke.

3.The elephant should be eaten piece by pieces.

For one day willpower will not be “pumped up”, but to get a bad mood and the loss of  strength  is quite real. Set tiny but daily goals, the volume of which you will increase day by day. If you decide to give up sweets, don’t swear  that “never again!” You’ll  not probably resist  in a couple of days. But if gradually  – today three candies, not five, tomorrow two, etc. – the chances of success will increase many times.

4.Down with the chaos, long live the system!

As long as your  affairs and head there are a mess, it will be difficult to develop willpower. You will  be constantly distracted by momentary  “wish list”

Learn yourself to make plans for the day, week, month. You will immediately see how much you have time, and the pride in what you  have achieved  will give you even more strength. For example, every day to learn 5 Italian words, every week to disassemble one drawer in the kitchen, every month to make a revision of photos in the phone.

5. In a healthy body…

Yes, without it willpower will not work either: healthy sleep, a lot of water, light food and, necessarily movement.

It’s not a secret what an iron will athletes have. Sport is perfectly discipline, because physical exercise is a constant struggle with laziness and false fatigue.

6. And the gifts?

Adults are the same children, they are terribly fond of gifts and rewards. Our willpower also needs to be stroked. Having set yourself a difficult goal, promise yourself that when you reach it, you will treat yourself with something very pleasant.

“If in 2 months I quit smoking, I will definitely go with the girls in karaoke / I will buy myself “those” shoes / I will sign up for a massage with hot stones.”

The first steps in any business are always difficult, but gradually, using these tips, your willpower will be strengthened, and what once seemed   difficult to achieve, will become a reality.