What gift can I give myself?

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How often do you treat yourself? And with what?

First, a disclaimer: “snacks” and clothes don’t count, and thoughts like “aw, come on, we’re all adults, gifts aren’t necessary” simply have no right to exist.

Gifts are great, and gifts to yourself are even better. The benefits are obvious: sacred wishes coming true, “happiness hormones” intensifying, bursts of inspiration and power.

Just one thing left to understand: what does my soul want?

Here’s a list of interesting gifts you can give to yourself. Who knows – perhaps you’ll take a look and suddenly exclaim: “That’s it! That’s how I’ll treat myself!”

  1. I feel a song coming on…

You had a happy childhood without music lessons, and now you’re suddenly realizing that you’ve missed out and your soul is thirsty for beauty? This means that it’s time to treat yourself to music lessons. Yes, you indeed can start learning musical notation as an adult.

Ukulele, saxophone, guitar, harp, percussion – all that’s left to do is to choose and take a brave step into the world of music. Or maybe, the popularity of famous singers is keeping you awake at night or you just want to sing songs by the fire to a guitar, really well? In that case, the lessons with a vocal coach await you!

  1. The body wants it

Why do so many people think that massage is only for a bad back? Don’t other body parts need a healing touch? Trust me, a head or a foot massage has a fantastic relaxing effect – not only on the body, but also on the soul.

What if there’s a technique that’ll give you the sensations that are very different from a classic massage? Why not treat yourself to a Kizhi massage, which involves the masseuse using linen baggies with herbs, leaves, spices and oils?

Or you could try a Creole massage – a wonderful procedure performed with the help of bamboo sticks filled with grain, to the rhythm of ethnic music.

Or a Gouache massage: the masseuse will be using special nephrite or tortoiseshell scraping devices. There are a lot of types of massages – the only thing left to do is decide which sensations your body’s been missing.

  1. That unforgettable scent of you…

There are so many bottles with wonderful scents on the shelves – none are the one? Then it’s time to treat yourself to a masterclass for creating your own perfume. Perfume creation is a science with its own laws, rules, secrets and of course, magic. You’ll learn to create unique scent compositions, which will combine your own favorite smells. Choose what is yours: the mystery of oriental spices, the explosive freshness of citrus fruits, the lavender tranquility or the adventures of ginger and berries.

  1. Oh, that garden… 

If you want to live and create whilst surrounded by beautiful plants, but there’s no time to take care of them and a city apartment’s atmosphere is too harsh for exotic flowers, a florarium would be the perfect solution for you which can gradually turn into a fantastic hobby. A wardian case (or florarium) is a small floral arrangement created inside a plastic or a glass aquarium.

  1. Oriental patterns

Are you familiar with the terms “mehendi” or “mehndi”? It’s a form of body art involving henna paste. It’s an excellent option for those hesitant to get a real tattoo. Why not treat yourself to a visit to a mehendi master? It doesn’t matter whether you want to surprise people around you or add exotic notes to your style – either way, a pattern you choose would be an unusual and beautiful gift which’ll always be with you (well, at least for two weeks, anyway).

  1. This one’s for the coffee junkies

Mmm… the smell of coffee and the gorgeous artwork on the milky foam… It’s tasty, and it’s pretty. The technique of creating these patterns on coffee drinks is called latte art. A bit of studying, and you’ll also be able to create these masterpieces on your favorite coffee, using cinnamon, chocolate or cocoa. Is your mouth watering yet?

  1. Sand and stones

It’s not boring – it’s beautiful, because we’re talking about the Japanese zen garden. Only sand and pebbles on a tray, and a small rake in your hands. By building your garden, moving around the stones, “brushing” the sand, you’re abstracting yourself from the hustle and bustle, diving into your own world, finding harmony and almost meditating. If your soul’s been begging for serenity for a long time, just treat yourself to a table zen garden and create your small universe of tranquility.