The shop of happiness

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Happiness means something different for all of us. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn from one another. We totally should! There’s no such thing as too much happiness, after all.

Having interviewed a large number of people, we’ve compiled a list of 10 points that were mentioned most often for you. Have a look, maybe they’ll bring you additional joy.

  1. Animal contact

Pet therapy exists for a reason. Contact with animals, especially on a permanent basis, helps relieve stress and produce serotonin. And there’s a reason children intuitively reach for animals and sooner or later ask their parents to get a pet. Families with pets have more warmth in the relationships between people.

  1. Traveling

Tourism gives a lot of new experiences that are impossible to get in your daily life, at least in such quantity. By getting to know other cultures and their representatives, we expand our horizons and gain new knowledge. And even a journey to a neighboring city is already a mini trip.

  1. Games

Board games and quests with the family or in the company of friends can bring positive emotions. Such gatherings are usually accompanied by a sea of laughter and a sense of pleasure. It also promotes closeness and community building.

  1. Volunteering and charity work

Helping someone who really needs someone else’s support is great. Unconditional support really fulfils a person and gives a sense of spirituality and happiness.

  1. Cuddles

Tactile contact is very important for a person. We recommend having a minimum of 8 hugs per day. Scientists have proven that cuddles contribute to the production of endorphins – hormones of joy.

  1. Having a hobby

When we begin to get bored and miserable in the routine of everyday and work tasks, a favorite hobby can come to the rescue – an activity that inspires, nourishes and distracts from everyday life. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to start exploring your interests.

  1. Being around children

Even if you don’t have kids but like them, you can ask to play with your friend’s or relative’s child and introduce such playdates into your schedule. Being with children gives a sense of being carefree, light and full of positivity.

  1. Printing photos

Thanks to developed technology, we so rarely print photos these days, but this action and the subsequent browsing through photos showing bright and pleasant moments in life, placing them into photo albums and frames nevertheless gives a person a lot of pleasant sensations and warm nostalgia.

  1. Sport

The subject of physical activity cannot be ignored when discussing the issue of happiness, since it’s been scientifically proven that it also contributes to the production of endorphins. You don’t have to limit yourself to a gym, pool and yoga. You can choose a specific sport for yourself: tennis, boxing, fencing, skiing, etc., which will then become your hobby;)

  1.  Gift giving

Many people like to give gifts more than to receive them. There’s a lot of pleasure in thinking about what a person might like, going shopping, carefully examining shop windows and shelves with goods, and, as a result, giving a gift and watching the eyes of the person who receives it sparkle.