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Section of Care

Hey there! Today, we will go to the Section of Care: we will spend the whole next week there.

What is care and why do we need it?

In our understanding, care is a respectful, considerate, and gentle relationship with yourself.

Many people confuse care with toxic pity towards yourself. They think that if a person pays attention to themselves and their feelings, it means that this person is a weakling. 

Of course, this is far from the truth!

Right the opposite: treating yourself with care allows you to conserve energy, build up strength, thoughtfully allocate resources, grow, and develop.

Today, we would like to ask you to think of caring phrases that you like. You can google them or observe yourself when you treat others with care.

Here are some examples:

You do not have to finish this dish if you do not want to.

If you feel tired, please take some rest. You shouldn’t push yourself so hard.

Please stop and take a deep breath.

It seems that these shoes do not fit quite right – should you choose something else, more comfortable?

I see that you are nervous. Let’s slow down so that you can regain your balance.

Think of a few more phrases applicable to different life events. Write them down and keep them.

We will see you tomorrow!

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