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Safe Lounge

It would be wrong to think that we are not affected by our circumstances and the people around us. Humans are social creatures. All of us need our “tribe”. We want to be with someone, to be a part of something – this is an important need.

Therefore, when we encounter criticism, disapproval, or even worse – humiliation, we feel uncomfortable. And this is a normal human reaction.

Today, we are going to analyze your environment: is it helping your self-esteem? For that, visit the Safe Lounge where we will focus on this task.

Allocate 15-20 minutes.

Turn on pleasant and calm music.

Try to recall and write down all the information about yourself that you received from other people during the last week.

Read this list.

Against each phrase, draw a smiley or a sad face. A smiley means that this opinion helped you to improve your self-esteem. And a sad face means that it damaged it.

Note who creates this negative influence. Who are these people and why are they present in your life? Try to analyze why you allow them to treat you this way and if these relationships are worth it.

Sometimes, it is true that we cannot completely stop communicating with people who “injure” our self-esteem. Then you should think about how to minimize your communication with them and modify it so that there are no opportunities for them to express their judgemental opinions.

Also, think about how you can support and “repair” yourself in case of an unexpected attack.

We will see you tomorrow!

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