Money bait

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Surely you’ve heard about some incredible people who are just loved by money. I wonder what kind of magic dust these lucky people are sprinkled with?

We reckon that the secret is in the absence of financial blocks.

Financial blocks are negative beliefs about money. And if you’re not comfortable with the level of your income, it makes sense to delve into them. Which is what we’ll do now.

Our experts have chosen the 3 most common anti-money ideas and effective techniques for working with them.

  1. “Money is dirty”.

Do you concur with this philosophy? If yes, then…

Draw a 5-column table.

In the first column, write down all the thoughts and attitudes about money that come to mind.

In the second, note the age when you’d heard each phrase and if you can remember, note its “author” (the person that put it in your head).

In the third column, write down an answer to this person. Look, everyone is entitled to their beliefs but you don’t have to follow them blindly at all.

For instance: “Dad, I hear what you think about finances, and that’s your choice, but I prefer to think differently”.

The fourth column will in fact be hosting your alternative position, the opinion about capital that you want to believe in.

For example, the attitude “money is dirty” perfectly transforms into “money is an important and valuable resource that helps me live and fulfill my dreams,” and the idea that “money spoils people” into “a good person with money can do even more wonderful things” .

Draw a small symbol of your new idea in the fifth column. Any symbol, an “icon” reflecting its essence.

Hold on, don’t put the pen down yet.

Now we move onto the creative bit.

Your task is to compose a mandala from the images drawn in the fifth column (if you don’t know what a mandala is, there are many examples on the Internet).

It’s best to hang up the complete drawing in a prominent place, to remind yourself of the changed views from time to time .

  1. “Money is shameful”.

If any monetary operation makes you feel awkward, it’s hard for you to ask for money, you’re uncomfortable with taking payment for your work, you can try to neutralize this toxic feeling with the help of an exercise called “5 dollars”.

Warning – it’s not a simple exercise, and you’d have to communicate with people. Ideally with strangers. But if that’s really hard, engage those you know.

Your task is to give 5 dollars to 5 people and ask 5 people for 5 dollars. Important! You can’t engage beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts and children in this exercise.

  1. “Money is something forbidden, it’s not for me”.

If you feel like you’ve been forbidden to become rich, it seems to you that money isn’t your thing, that it’s about someone else, then here is the trick that removes this block.

Imagine that you’re watching a movie in a theatre where the star is the you of today. And you realize that you don’t really like what’s happening to this person, especially with his relationship with money.

You have an opportunity to rewind the movie to the moment when somebody has imposed a taboo on finances for this character.

Paint a clear picture of how old he is, what he’s doing and who’s next to him.

Now come up with the character’s new reaction on the restriction – not agreement but a REBELLION. What can you say as a response to the phrase “Money isn’t for you”? It’d be awesome if you say the words out loud.

After, return the character to the present and tell the story of how his life would look without this prohibition. Describe in detail and watch your feelings in the body and on an emotional level.

You can repeat the exercise to consolidate the effects.