Mindspa App gives free psychological support amid Covid-19 crisis

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In the midst of the global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mindspa mobile app created a psychological support program of the duration of 7 days to help people cope with fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

What is Mindspa?

Mindspa – 4UR Mental Wellbeing is a new mobile app recently launched in the market, with the mission to help you cope with difficult emotions and make your life better. The application is filled with useful resources and tools to help you familiarize with your emotions, to enable you to better understand your needs and to improve your focus towards achieving your best potential. It is designed to improve both your personal life and your relationship with others.

It provides practical advices and accessible tools to support your mental wellbeing every day.

Main features include:

  • Feed: a list of articles and useful tips;
  • Diary: a psychotherapeutic journal for daily submissions and insights of your emotions;
  • Psychosutra: an impressive collection of coping-skills techniques for working with your own feelings and specific conditions;
  • Courses: enrollable online programs with psychotherapeutic lessons and tasks on dedicated topics;
  • Tests: simple diagnostics to help you determine which tools are right for you;
  • Emergency: a chat simulation to support you during highly stressful situations;
  • and much more…

Support during the Covid-19 pandemic

Given the emergency situation, our team of 10+ psychologists has put forward a program called ‘Plaid’ to whomever needs help to manage stress and emotions; the program is structured as an online course of the duration of 7 days, that can be followed comfortably from home by those looking to adapt to this new reality full of uncertainty.

How to get the free course?

The Covid-19 support program is free and accessible via activation codes to unlock the ‘Plaid’ course.

Should you be interested in the program, all you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Download the ‘Mindspa’ app {link here}
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Courses’ and look for ‘Plaid
  • Step 3: Insert the activation code

Receiving the activation code is easy. You can either ask for it from the Mindspa Facebook page or – alternatively – request it via the contact form directly in the application.

Don’t forget to share this program with your relatives or friends who you think might need this precious help and support!