Learning to Rest

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Workaholics tend to hate this irritating and incomprehensible question, “How do you rest?”

No, of course, we understand that you don’t really get tired and that you live to work, it’s enough to just have some sleep… And even if you don’t get sleep, it’s totally ok. 

But let’s be honest, not wanting and now knowing how to restore your energy will sooner or later bring you down. 

You need to rest. It’s not just having a break from work. This is the time for:

  • Restoring your energy 
  • Putting your thoughts and feelings in order
  • Realizing your wishes
  • Obtaining new experiences
  • Giving a boost to your inspiration.

Using your day off to clean your house, to sleep until noon, or to browse the Internet you only create the illusion of resting. Seemingly, your body had some rest and your head is empty, but your brain doesn’t restart.

We suggest that you get creative when finding a way to relax on your day off. You won’t have to jog in the park or go fishing this time, we promise.

  1. How to rest if you miss socializing and your friends.

Invite the people you love to the “Battle of Kitchen”. Everyone comes with their own recipe and created a culinary masterpiece. The theme of the battle is up to your imagination and set of products: whose mulled wine, pie, pizza, cocktail, steak is tastier, etc.

You will see your friends, have a laugh, let alone enjoy some flavors.

  1. How to rest if you are tired of communicating with people

…but don’t mind communicating with animals. Fluffy creatures won’t be rude to you, they won’t bore you or load you with useless information. Only positive emotions, serotonin and oxytocin, the feelings of happiness, warmth, and… soft fur.

  • Animal exhibitions
  • Flea markets
  • Cat cafes
  • Horse riding
  • Farms and shelters
  • Large aquariums
  1. How to rest if you are tired of socializing but have the power to create.

Sand drawing is a unique type of art. Try taking a few lessons or visiting a workshop, and you will know how to spend your weekend from then on. 

Aesthetic and tactile pleasure, imaginative practices, stress relief and peacefulness, what could be better for the weekend?

  1. How to rest if you are tired of socializing and creating, but still have the power to dream and fantasize.

We suggest that you create a time capsule. The idea isn’t new, but you can realize it the way you find interesting.

You can prepare a box full of items that reflect your current life: bar receipts, favorite candies, coins, newspaper clips, someone’s photo, a recent postcard, a tester of your favorite perfume, your child’s drawing, test results, etc.

You could also write a letter to the 50-year-old you (or pick any other age). Write about your doubts, dreams, problems, hopes. Or give a piece of advice, if you like.

Now, pack all these treasures, attach a sticker with today’s date and the day when you should open the capsule. Give it a try. Exploring yourself and your life like this will clear your mind, give you a chance to rethink something, and will be very useful for the future you.

  1. How to rest if you are tired of everything…

A floating tank, or a sensory deprivation tank. If you have a chance to try this, don’t have a single doubt. This is a special tank filled with salty water that neither light nor sound can penetrate. When you submerge into it, you lose your connections with the outside world, lose the ability to feel anything. It might sound strange, but extremely enticing. Such a deep relaxation session will help to restore your energy at a fast pace, will clear your mind and even help you to find solutions to the most complicated situations. Will you give it a try?

And, dear friend, remember, resting is the best investment into your future work.