I’m beautiful

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Our today’s article is designed specifically for those ladies who don’t believe they are attractive.

Here’s a list of phrases that will help you start to treat yourself better.

  1. What makes me think that I’m not beautiful enough?

To doubt an attitude that’s harmful to you is the first important step towards believing in your attractiveness. Where did it come from? Who told you that you weren’t beautiful enough? We assure you that these were very specific people. Most often, this feeling of “I’m ugly” comes from as far back as the wonderful teenage years when we heard something like that and believed it

  1. Many beautiful women think like me

Remember those actresses, singers, dancers, and simply women who aren’t famous and whom you consider attractive and incredibly beautiful. Trust me, over half of them doubt their attractiveness just like you, which however doesn’t prevent them from being beautiful.

  1. Beauty is on the inside.

It’s not about the fact that on the outside I’m so ugly that I have to believe that beauty is on the inside. No. This is about the fact that when you look at a person, they’re sometimes illuminated by some kind of inner light, and then you catch yourself thinking that you don’t remember what kind of eyes they have or what figure, there’s only a feeling of light and comfort. This is called a calm confidence in your own attractiveness. It’s not innate, it’s a choice.

  1. I am not a set of body parts

Many girls dislike something very specific about themselves: insufficiently even teeth, thin / thick calves or ankles, hips, buttocks, skin, knees (!), nails, lips, etc. Whatever you name, it’s on this list. But you are not a set of body parts, you are whole. No need to disassemble yourself into parts, perceive yourself as a whole!

  1. I am what I am. I don’t need to satisfy anybody’s expectations.

And once again, we return to the fact that sometimes someone thinks that we need to be slimmer, with puffier lips, cut our hair, or pump up the ass. If you want it yourself – that’s one thing. But here, it’s important to ask yourself, “Why do I want this?” For what?”. And if mother, father, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend think so, leave them to deal with their expectations on their own. You don’t have to.

  1. I’m attractive. Interesting. Beautiful. Awesome!

Examine yourself in the mirror, but without the usual “something’s wrong with me” rituals, but from the “I am beautiful” point. Catch your attractive features: a sly look, dexterity, mystery and all the rest. Be sure to smile and wink at yourself. Flirting with yourself is wonderful.