How to stop being afraid of old age?

Let’s start with the fact that it is normal to be afraid of old age. Even the most self-confident, cheerful and positive people have to face it. Yes, we also have this really unpleasant thought: “Old age is normal and natural, but when it comes, I…”

The second news is that it’s useless to fight the fear of old age. Because it usually has a deeper idea behind it. We’ll talk about its variations now. 

After all, if we honestly admit our true fears and develop a plan to deal with them, then the secondary fear will be tolerated. 

Fear of death

Old age is a harbinger of death. We know nothing about it and we never talk about it out loud. However, most often it’s the fear of death that hides behind frightening thoughts about the upcoming withering.

Decision: You need to use the support of a good specialist (psychologist or spiritual mentor) and work together with him in the direction of accepting the inevitable. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to reduce the fear of death on your own. 

Fear of loss of physical strength and health 

If we are afraid of losing our health due to old age, we are actually afraid of losing our freedom. In the implementation of the plan, in the movement, in the usual understanding of life.

Decision: It’s banal, but proven… You need to choose a lifestyle, which will keep your body strong, healthy, energetic (sports, nutrition, positive) for as long as possible. This way you will not only benefit the body, but also really reduce the fear, because you will begin to act ahead of time, and this is always calming. 

Fear of loneliness

We are afraid of becoming useless in our old age. And often for a reason. We have seen a lot of elderly people, who are lonely. There’s nobody to take care of them, and it brings a lot of sadness. 

However, few people thought about why it happened? And whether this is the fault of the person himself. Was the abandoned grandmother an abusive mother who had beaten her children? Maybe this old man was a domestic tyrant and a man who humiliated everyone. After all, such options are also quite possible. 

Decision: To maintain good(!) relationships with loved ones, take care of them, make new acquaintances, and save money for a good nursing home, as an extreme option. 

Fear of losing youth and attractiveness

It is not wrinkles that age, but a lack of self-respect. Well-groomed, confident, radiating positive people are attracting people all the time. 

Decision: We have to work on self-esteem, learn to love ourselves and not depend on someone else’s opinion.

If you look back and remember how your ideas about beauty changed at different times in your life, you will realize that our concepts of attractiveness are transformed with age. And if you have good self-esteem, then you will like yourself (which means that you can broadcast attractiveness) at 60 and 70. 

If you are not afraid of the future and start creating it today, then, many years later, it may surprise you. In other words, your old ages totally depend on your actions today!