Five useful habit

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There is a good saying: “If you sow an action – you will reap a habit. If you sow a habit – you will reap a character. If you sow a character – you will reap a destiny.” This saying reflects reality quite well. Our habits are something we do day in and day out. Often, they will define the quality and outcomes of our lives.

Here is a list of five very useful habits. We recommend that you slowly incorporate them into your life to make it more fulfilling.

1. Know your priorities.

Do not set them once and for all! No! Your priorities should be flexible – only then they will be helpful. One actress was asked how she shares her attention between her work and her family. She said that when Earth goes around Sun, first one side of the Earth gets daylight, then the other. The same approach works with priorities. When she is on stage – her first priority is herself. When she is at home – her first priority is her family. If you use this method your life will be well-balanced.

2. Do not try to read someone’s mind.

This is a very-very good habit. You absolutely must have it to avoid wasting time and energy. Do you have any doubts? Ask. You will not be able to read someone’s mind. Everything that you think about is just your fantasies. Why waste time?

3. Try something new.

Yes, you already know what kind of yogurt you like, what clothing style suits you, and what background to use in your chat apps. But… if you broaden your horizons you will be not limited by the things that you already know! You will develop flexibility and remove the fear of change. Little by little, step by step… Next thing you know – leaving your comfort zone will not seem as scary anymore!

4. Collect inspirations.

All of us have moments when everything seems horrible. When we experience anxieties and insecurities: nobody loves us, we are incapable, etc., etc. To deal with this, it is good to have a “jar of inspiration”. It may be a real jar in which you put notes with different pleasant experiences, with compliments, with beautiful pictures, etc. If you look into this jar – your mood will immediately improve!

5. Slow down.

The pace of our lives demands speed: we need to make decisions quickly, move around quickly, life overall is fast. It is easy to drown and get dissolved in this flow of information. Therefore, you must learn to slow down, turn on mindfulness, and turn off the autopilot. Try to start with something simple: have a slow breakfast, without looking at the TV and your smartphone, go for a walk noticing all the little details around you…

There are many great habits! Take the first step and your life will slowly begin to change!