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How psychologists calm themselves down in difficult situations

It is no secret that psychologists are humans too. Just like everyone else, they may worry, have quarrels, get in trouble, and have various problems in their lives.

Today we, the Mindspa team, would like to share our life hacks with you, dear friends: what helps our psychologists cope with difficult life situations.

Natalie uses the following question: “How will I continue to live with the consequences of what happened?” Sometimes, it helps when dealing with small problems, and sometimes – even with big ones.

Also, she tries to find a “silver lining” in any situation. No matter what is happening, she can usually find something positive, some new opportunities and ideas. Perhaps, it may appear pragmatic, but it is important to see future possibilities. Ideally, if these possibilities appear exciting, this may give you the strength to deal with the current situation.

Our Olya uses anti-anxiety breathing techniques (inhale, hold breath, long exhale – we often describe this method in our app). She writes down her thoughts in the journal (“if I worry, get angry, feel anxious or nervous”). She massages her shoulders, listens to the music, and sings. She can scream into the pillow and often speaks aloud about her feelings. This is such a useful technique!

By the way, Olya recommends taking a hot shower and washing your hair! This helps a lot too!

Lena told us about her favorite algorithm:

“1. I take a pause and do not think about this situation for 20 minutes – thus I get emotionally ready to consider it. This pause may be enough for some shifts to happen either in me or in the situation.

2. I think about the worst and tell myself that I can deal with any outcome by applying a different degree of effort.

3. I separate my expectations, thoughts, and feelings from reality. Sometimes my anger, fear, or strong disappointment distort the situation and make it worse.

4. If the situation is about another person, I try to understand their motivation – why are they acting like this?

5. And yes, even in the worst outcome, I try to find new opportunities for myself.”

When Julia needs to do something unpleasant, she transforms “I can’t” into “I am going to”. This approach is tried and true. When you form an intention, your brain stops looking for ways to avoid something. Instead, it accepts the new reality that needs to be dealt with. Then new opportunities present themselves!

She also uses free-form writing to release herself from anxiety and worries. You need to take a pen and a sheet of paper and write down everything that comes to mind, without choosing the words. Then you must burn the sheet of paper or tear it – and exhale. With the help of this ritual, your mind becomes clear.

Try our techniques, dear friends! Some of them will definitely “click” and work for you!

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