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Do you feel the winter blues?

The darkest month of the year has come: the sun is almost invisible. It is chilly and cold outside. You must put on warm clothes and shoes and give up long walks…

Many of us feel particularly vulnerable during this period. Sadness, melancholy, and even irritability can come to the emotional forefront.

This is partly due to the reduction in daylight hours – you may experience light and color deficiency. But this is not the main reason. We often have internal reasons to succumb to sadness.

So, let’s figure out how not to become a hostage of the blues and stay in a good mood at any time of the year.

1. Do not condition yourself for sadness.

And this is the main point. 

If you tune yourself into thinking about winter as the time for blues, gloomy time, rainy and muddy mess, etc. – so it will be! When we think about something a certain way – this is how we will perceive it. If you suffer in advance that “oh, I will be miserable”, you will surely be depressed.

2. Be honest with yourself – are you really feeling down because of winter, or you have many unsolved difficulties in your life, and winter is just a background and an excuse to shift responsibility for all the problems onto the weather?

3. Surround yourself with pleasant things: candles and aroma lamps create a great mood. Imagine: it is dark, cold, and wet outside the windows, and around you are crackling candles, pleasant aromas …

4. By the way, about warmth – now this is a top necessity. The heat warms the body and soul. How can you imagine winter without it?

Take a bath with your favorite foam, a hot shower, a hammam, cover yourself with a beautiful blanket, wear warm fluffy socks, or an oversized home jacket in which you can wrap yourself entirely – choose any method or use all of them at once!

5. Fairy tales and magical stories.

Winter is the best time to re-read your favorite fairy tales: all the adventures of the Moomins, Harry Potter, or you can take on the famous “Lord of the Rings” … But this is not for everyone. 😊

Any inspiring warm stories are also suitable: for example, from Joanne Harris, who wrote “Chocolate”, etc.

6. Keep moving.

Any blues, be it autumn, winter, or spring, is afraid of physical activity. If you want – walk, if you want – dance, if you want – stretch out at home on the rug while watching TV series. The effect is instant!

7. Teas.

New tastes are an excellent means of preventing and treating depression. Just listen to the names: strawberries with mint, pumpkin muffin – yes, this is also tea! Teas with lemon, tangerine, and ginger, banana oolong, masala, chocolate-covered cherries … Mmm … It’s getting harder and harder to be sad…

Winter demands that you spend more time on self-care, that’s true. But the return from this care is powerful, bright, and warm! Use our recommendations – and winter will become much more attractive to you!⠀

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