Beauty Therapy

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Turns out flowers aren’t just beautiful. Researchers have proved that the appearance of flowers and their fragrances can have a positive effect on the psychological state of man. It was found that long before the appearance of psychology, people used different flowers to help themselves in difficult situations.

We went through archives, scientific publications and articles and made a list of “therapeutic” plants for you. 

1.    Violet

Helps reduce emotions and promotes relaxation. Growing violets is ideal for people who are experiencing a lot of stress and face regular stress.

2.    Red Rose

If you need a boost of energy, go get this charming flower. The scarlet color of roses stimulates the awakening of energy.

3.     Orange gerbera

An antidote for depressed and discouraged moods. The combination of bright color and a special, unobtrusive odor has a beneficial effect on the emotional background.

4.    Lavender 

Lavender is a natural antidepressant. The fragrance of this flower reduces your heart rate and promotes serenity. Lavender will become your faithful ally in the fight against melancholy, nervousness, insomnia.

5.    Orchid

The sweet smell of this flower is good at reducing anxiety. 

6.    Rosemary

Nature, as it turns out, will not be stingy on antianxiety plants. So the rosemary perfectly reduces anxiety and also has a positive effect on concentration and concentration.