8 steps to get over loneliness

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During the different stages of our life, we might treat loneliness differently: we might want it, fear it, hate it, or even ignore it. 

If you have decided to say goodbye to it today but don’t know where to start, have a look at these simple recommendations that we’ve prepared after observing people who are not lonely. 

  1. Smile a Little

You know how whenever you pass by a shop window, you suck in your belly and improve your posture? And yet, we often forget to smile. In fact, it’s much easier to start talking to someone who looks friendly than with a person who looks arrogant; bright eyes and a whimsical smile can help to change your life.

  1. Something Borrowed 

Life is but a game! Borrow and try on someone else’s role for a month or for a week. Recall your acquaintances whose relationships amaze you. 

Now, try to behave like them, or even to think like them. Try on their gestures, words, manner of talking to people. 

Behave as if you’ve been in a great relationship for a while now and aren’t looking for anyone. At the same time, remain a friendly and open-minded person. 

  1. Something New

New impressions and people will appear in your life if you venture out and do something new, something different.  

Try to radically change your habits or hobbies. If you are used to sleeping until noon on Sundays, get up at 8 am and have breakfast in an interesting cafe. 

If you love swimming, sign up for archery courses. 

By changing the order of your everyday life, you will begin to notice changes in other areas of your life. 

  1. Unknown Paths

You can come back home with more than just memories and souvenirs from travellung. New places might not grant you new relationships, but you are sure to meet new interesting people there.

By the way, here’s a particular suggestion: changing your usual destination to something unknown can change your life. 

For example, if you’re always going south, you should go north for once. Think about it, who knows…

  1. Plan B

Yes, it might happen that all of your conscious steps towards your goal will not grant any result due to particular circumstances. This is why, to avoid despair and giving up, set up a deadline for yourself and come up with a Plan B. For example, if your personal life doesn’t change within half a year, you will sign up for acting classes (get a dog, go to Antarctica for a month). The deadline should be reasonable, and the plan must be exciting.

  1. More and More

Apparently, happy people find it much easier to build relationships, overcome failures, and make steps towards the unknown. This is why it would make perfect sense to work on your immediate happiness and actively fill your life with positive things. What makes you the most joyful? Think about it and double its size, be it visiting a spa, buying beautiful things, seeing your nieces and nephews, singing karaoke.

  1. Black-and-White Movie

Thinking in terms of “black and white” and “good and bad” is only typical for teenagers. This would be harmful and counterproductive for an adult. Such statements as “never again…”, “I will forever…”, “they are all assho…” make people feel lonelier and prevent them from moving on. Remember that there were good times in your life as well and that you’ve met some good people. You should work on the beliefs that drag you down and admit that life is much more diverse and curious than what we think of it when we are feeling upset.

  1. Fresh Look

Sometimes we do need extra help. If you have tried everything and eliminated all possible causes of your mishaps, and you only believe in yourself less and less every day, it’s worth trying to look for a way out with a specialist (a psychologist, a mentor). It’s neither embarrassing nor scary, and an outside perspective is something that can show you a way out of your loneliness.