5 reasons why you have no money

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Many people mistakenly think that the level of income depends only on how much a person works.

In fact, such an arrangement isn’t always sufficient. Money problems very often have psychological reasons behind, and today we will analyze 5 possible internal constraints that prevent you from improving your financial condition.

  1. Demonization of money

Many people have a certain mindset: money is something that’s dirty and definitely dishonest, and an increase in the level of income spoils a person and his relationships with other people.

As long as you perceive money as something bad, you subconsciously avoid them.

Target: consider how you can both make money and stay a nice and pleasant individual.

  1. Immaturity

Who can’t make money? Children.

If psychologically you feel like a little boy or girl, then the money will be with someone “adult”, and not with you.

The position of immaturity is characterized by the transfer of responsibility for one’s life to someone else, the constant expectation that someone will come and give you stuff just like that.

There is a way out of this situation – to grow up.

  1. The victim mindset

Assuming the position of a victim influences not just relationships, but wealth as well.

As long as your primary way to go through life is to suffer and complain, money problems will remain a part of it. Victims, like “children” lack a sense of responsibility for their lives and therefore for their income.

Target: change your life stance.

  1. A distorted view of self

If you have a negative view of yourself (“I’m useless”, “something’s wrong with me”, “there’s no value in me”, etc.), this will most definitely affect your levels of income.

Can an unworthy person make a lot of money? Can he aspire to anything at all?

Target: your internal critic and self-esteem.

  1. Ban on joy and pleasure.

With the help of money, we can give ourselves a large number of pleasures: traveling, spa, expensive hobbies, delegate a huge number of stressful activities to others and make room for ourselves and our hobbies, etc.

Accordingly, an internal ban on joy impedes your cash flow. Until you allow yourself to experience pleasure, an increase in income is unlikely to happen.

Target: dysfunctional attitudes about the right to happiness, comfort and joy.