Mindspa stands by the people of Belarus

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Dear followers from the Republic of Belarus!

We condemn the oppression & violence against the civilian population. Aggression of peaceful demonstrators is unacceptable.
As a sign of support and solidarity, we offer to all residents of Belarus our Plaid support program free of charge.

We stand BY you, be safe!

The message of solidarity has been shared across social media, in support of the people of Belarus who are victim of violence by armed forces. Thousands have been arrested since protests began amid elections disputes, with many more injured and even some casualties.

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Дорогие клиенты и подписчики из республики Беларусь! ⠀ Мы выступаем против насилия, происходящего в вашей стране. Агрессия в адрес мирного населения – недопустима. ⠀ В знак поддержки и солидарности мы предоставляем всем жителям Беларуси нашу программу поддержки «Плед» бесплатно. ⠀ Для получения доступа к программе вам необходимо написать @oll_gut ⠀ Пожалуйста, берегите себя!

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The offer of free psychological support – available in Russian, English and Italian language – extends to the citizens of any countries who are currently suffering from distress, trauma and anxiety caused by social unrests, injustice, and catastrophic events, including the people of Lebanon affected by Beirut explosion.

August 12th, 2020 – Mindspa