11 Useful Phrases for Relationships

In order for a tree to bloom and bear fruit, it must be fertilized. In order for relationships to develop and bring joy, inspirational deeds and soul-warming words are a must.

We’ve put together some phrases that can strengthen relationships (given, of course, that it’s a good and warm relationship).

1.“I love you”.

As old as time, but forever important. Why do we say that so often at the beginning and so rarely later on? Because “it’s a given”? Not at all: times changes, we change and so do our outlooks, our feelings. Make sure to tell these words to a loved one so that he knows he’s infinitely dear to you despite the passing years.


  • “You’re my life’s greatest fortune”
  • “I love your smile and laughter so much”
  • “You’re the most precious thing I’ve got”
  • “I think I love you more and more every day”.

2. “Thank you!”

As time passes, we begin taking the attention and support of our loved ones for granted. A tidy desk, a washed car, a delicious dinner, helping with the kids seems like routine, but it requires time and effort. Show your partner that you notice and appreciate his daily care and support.


  • “I really appreciate your support over the last few days” 
  • “You’ve done so much for me. How can I help you now?”
  • “Thank you for taking care! It’s so nice!”
  • “What would I do without you? I can’t even imagine!”

3. “Sorry”.

Another magic word. Trust me, a crown won’t fall off your head if you admit your fault and ask for forgiveness. And trust between you two will only get stronger.


  • “Sorry, I said that without thinking”
  • “You were right”
  • “I’ll try not to do that again, forgive me”

4. “I’m upset because…”

The so-called “I-messages” will be useful for both you and your loved one: you’ll be able to better understand and feel your emotions, and the other side will receive clear information about what’s happening within your soul.

Sort things out like adults: name your feelings, explain the reason for their occurrence and, of course, suggest how to fix the situation.


  • “I’m sad that we spend so little time together, let’s…”
  • “I get angry when you joke like that, let’s do…”
  • “I’m jealous, because…”

5. “It’s important for me to understand you”.

Such an expression allows the partner to feel how significant his inner world, emotions and thoughts are to you. For you, information about how a loved one sees a particular situation will help you better understand what’s happening between you.


  • “It’s truly important for me to understand what’s been bothering you lately”
  • “How’re you feeling now, is something wrong?”
  • “I’m worried: something’s bothering you, and I don’t know how to help you”.

6. “Tell me everything”.

A boring meeting at work, a crazy fishing trip, a sudden trip to visit your mother, a strange case in the subway – the day can go in any way whatever, but we still want to tell a loved one about it.

Show a genuine interest: listen, ask questions, state your opinion.


  • “Anything new at work today?”
  • “How was the conference? Any interesting speeches?”
  • “How was seeing your friends? Any surprises this time?”

7. “Don’t worry, I’m here”.

Words of support would never be for naught. It’s much easier to bear the hardships of life when a loved one tells you that you can always count on them.


  • “Whatever happens, I’ll be here”
  • “I’m on your side”

8.“I want you”

No need to blush and modestly lower your eyes. We are adults, and sex is an important part of a relationship. Phrases about wanting aren’t only about spicing up romantic films, but they also kindle feelings and passion in real life.


  • “You turn me on”
  • “Your soft hands make me crazy”
  • “I like the way you smell”

9. “You’ve done a great job!”

Once upon a time we were taught to be humble and were rarely praised … But it’s so important and nice when your achievements (even the most insignificant ones) are noticed and appreciated. Don’t skimp on compliments and admiration for a loved one.


  • “Your dinner was absolutely delicious!”
  • “You’ve solved this problem so quickly – well done!”
  • “Your work’s fantastic! Where do you get such great ideas from?”

10. “I need your advice”.

This phrase is a very sensible start to any discussion: you value the opinion of your partner, suggest that you ponder a problem together and come to a solution that will suit the two of you. This is much better than starting with “we need to talk …” or “I don’t care what you think, I will do so …”


  • “What do you think would be better..?”
  • “I can’t figure it out – can you help?”
  • “I need to make a decision… can you give me some advice?”

11. “Let’s do … together”.

Go to the park, buy candies for the evening, fall into a snowdrift, make a house for our lizard – any crazy stuff or useful stuff. The main thing is that with this, you’ll show the partner how important him being near you is, that it’s him you trust your dreams and desires with.

Choose any words and phrases that, in your opinion, are necessary for your partnership, just remember that you should speak them sincerely, with all your heart and with love!